Camera Roll 2014 - ongoing

Displayed here is a small mock up for a large scale sculptural work. The 'camera roll' on an i-phone or an i-pod is a digital image folder where photographs can be stored. Over almost three years I have amassed 25,879 images on my i-pod. The intention with Camera Roll is to reproduce these images unedited and in their entirety (at a 1:1 scale to that of the screen) as one digital print, thus enabling this 'roll' to be viewed as one enormous image measuring just under 81 meters in length.

Expanding these images away from the hand-held device (swiping and scrolling) and into a tangible state creates an exaggerated physical testimonial to our prolific creation and consumption of images today. Acting as an enormous timeline of my personal life and practice over the intervening period, it also creates a sculpture work that opens a new dialogue with a familiar medium, continuing my interest in how we may evaluate photography today.